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Mrs. McClure's Bio

Hi BBIS gang. I am so excited to be a part of this great new adventure! Let me tell you a bit about myself. 
This is my 30th year of teaching. I have taught math and science primarily all of these many years. Science is my inspiration! I love teaching science to 5th graders the most because of their enthusiasm and wonder. It's just plain fun to see them realize how magnificent  our world really is.
I am married and have three children of my own and two stepchildren. I have been in Texas since 1995. I grew up in MS and graduated from college at Southeastern LA University. 
I am super happy with our administration and staff and know this is going to be a fabulous year. 
Let me thank you in advance for allowing me to work with your precious children. 
10 Most Amazing Places On Earth
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Our first unit in science

Hello Parents! Thank you for visiting. Our first little mini unit in science will cover lab safety and tools that we will use in our science classroom. Your child will be bringing you a tool handout which explains the name, picture and definition of the tool. You will also see a science lab safety contract which you will need to sign. We will be having a little quiz on this information on Friday the 23rd of August.