Please refer to this website from time to time for updated and detailed information with our band program.

During the time students are out of school due to COVID-19, here are SUGGESTIONS for your child:
*Continue to do class warm ups: chromatic warm up, long tones, (Brass - Sirens/ bugles)...see various handouts in your band binder.
*continue to master major scales (in the band binder).
*finish Essential Elements Book 1 (gold on top) and begin Book 2 (red on top)....If you do not have your book, purchase one ASAP....H&H Music has some in stock, can also try other music stores or online purchasing.
*Use the FREE online website that goes with your book....book 2 uses 16th notes...you can listen to it to help you understand better.
If you haven't logged in yet, the SCHOOL  CODE  is:   BB6Band  (exactly as I typed it here)
*The activation code is found inside your front cover.
*Email me if you need help.  I miss you all.  Stay safe and don't stop playing!!!....you have come so far  already!!!
Welcome to Bear Branch BAND!!!

I am excited to work with you and teach your child how to play a band instrument this year. Making music will be fun, but will require hard work and dedication too. I am optimistic that our band students will be among the best students in school, both in band and in their academic classes. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing just how awesome our students will be!...Your support is very much appreciated!
If you still need the supply list for your child's instrument, see the 2017-18 list (it is the same as this year's).
*I send emails through CHARMS office which you will receive if I have your accurate email address....you may already have received emails from me or our band boosters
My office phone number is 281-252-2031, ext. 6536.  Email is the best way to communicate with me for a quick response.
 **Please take advantage of a FREE program you can get on your home computer that is connected to our band book (except for percussion) - simply Google  Essential Elements Interactive and follow the installation steps.  Our school code is BB6Band.  You will need the activation code from your method book to activate it.  The Student ID number is your child's lunch number/ on schedule sheet.  Let me know if you have any problems with it.
**I encourage you to purchase SMART MUSIC for your home. We use it in class. It is about $40 for a YEAR'S subscription to your home computer or i-pad. (I personally rather use the computer, and I would suggest connecting it to speakers that can be as loud your your student's instrument.) Also, I would recommend that you purchase the microphone for assessment. Any questions, email or call me.
Forms to turn in are
Band T-shirt
optional Band Booster & Brag Box
MISD instrument usage forms for oboes, bassoons, french horns, euphoniums and tubas....and payment.
Please refer to this website from time to time for detailed information with our band program.
Interesting information:
Students in Music Class Don't Just Learn Notes:
Students who are in music class learn much more than music itself.  And while studying music for music's sake is clearly the priority of music education, the additional benefits shouldn't be overlooked.  Students who study the arts develop greater self-confidence, creativity, perseverance, and problem-solving skills, and they are more prepared for success in college and for entry into the 21st century workforce.  Music students learns to create, innovate, analyze, and collaborate. www.tmea.org/toptenskills
Increased SAT Scores:
According to the College Board national SAT reports, students who study music throughout high school have consistently outperformed other students on the SAT. TMEA has found similar results with the top music students in out state.  From 2013 to 2017, TMEA All-State musicians scored 23% higher than the national average and 29% higher than the state average.  www.tmea.org/sat
Music Programs Benefit Schools and Communities
Studies continue to reveal that music students have better attendance, lower dropout rates, and fewer discipline issues.  For many students, being in a music program is what motivates them to come to school. It's where they find safety and security in an otherwise fractured world.  Music programs in Texas are notorious for the good they do in their school and communities.. Music programs can offer students a healthy support system and an environment where they are accepted and encouraged to express themselves in a most meaningful way.