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Buy Yearbook Memory Ad

Let the Memories Begin

Order and design your Yearbook Memory Ad at:

Herff Jones:    Job#25414

image of full page ad size

Full page Ad- Create online


image of half page ad size

Half Page Ad- Create online


image of quarter page ad size

Quarter Page Ad- Create online


image of text only shout out ad, about one eighth  of a page

Text Only Shout Out Ad



To Order:

Yearbook Order QR Code

1., Job #25414, or use QR code

2. Click Menu

3. Select Yearbook or Memory Ads

4. Follow Prompts

5. Checkout

 Yearbook $21 Plus $3.99 S/H Online Convenience Fee

Order Yours Today!

Prices go up Soon!

  • Last October, Magnolia ISD ended our contract with Balfour Publishers
  • All yearbook and memory ads were refunded
  • Herff Jones became our new publisher
  • New yearbook orders stated in late October
  • Time is short to order a yearbook or memory ad for the 2022-2023 school year
  • you MUST order a Herff Jones yearbook to have one in May
  • Please place your yearbook and/or memory ad as sales will end soon
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact us
  •, Job #:25414

Yearbook Advisors:

5th Grade: Ms. Wolfrom- 281-252-2031, ext. 6503

6th Grade: Mrs. Campbell- 281-252-2031, ext. 6546